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The World’s Most Densely Populated Island

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

A nod from the New York Times travel blog yesterday: it noted my designation of Hong Kong’s Ap Lei Chau (Aberdeen Island) as the world’s most densely populated island.

That record has so far held, but, given that Ap Lei Chau includes some undeveloped hills, an island more heavily covered with highrises could surpass this island’s population density.

(Image courtesey Dave Berezansky)

A quake-formed island in China

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

A footnote to the story of the quake-formed lake in China: after the May 12th landslide, the lake that dammed up behind it cut off a hillock and made it into an island.

See this picture from the LA Times.

The island will likely disappear shortly, as the lake is drained to prevent disaster.

Chongming Island, China: not so large

Friday, April 14th, 2006

A Reuters article in the Washington Post claimed today that Chongming Dao, in the Yangtze north of Shanghai, is larger than Cyprus. In fact, it is much smaller, at only 1,041.4 sq km. Cyprus is actually nine times Chongming’s size, at 9,251 sq km, making it the 81st largest island in the world.

Chinese commonly claim that it is the largest alluvial island in the world. This is incorrect, as most river islands are alluvial, and Brazil has a number of larger alluvial islands in the Amazon, beginning with 40,100 sq km Marajo.

They also cite it as the third largest island of China, after Taiwan and Hainan, but it is more accurately the second largest, as Taiwan is not currently administered by China.

Bridge and tunnel to Chongming Dao, Shanghai

Sunday, February 19th, 2006

A bridge and tunnel are planned for Chongming, the large Yangtze River island north of Shanghai.

This would transfer another 700,000 or so people from the world’s unbridged island population.  Until then, Chongming may be the most populous unbridged river island in the world.